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The Indian PM and The IsRael - "Hawa Dekho aur Hawa Ka rukh Dekho"

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The PM & Israel

The “Babus” and politicians are odd couples. Both generally dislike each other but have to remain married. Divorce is not an option. Babus think politicians are morons, which is sometimes true. Can you imagine an “educated” Babu working for Lalu Prasad or Salman Khurshid or Uma Bharti and how tough it must be for them? Politicians dislike Babus because Babus are “educated” who like status quo and dislike changes. They see politicians as an avoidable nuisance when the country is actually being run by their league more inefficiently than the politicians can. The Babus have bestowed upon themselves a divine responsibility to run the country according to their wishes regardless of who the politician in charge is. See some of the ex-Babus on TV panels and you will see some are perfect idiots, like Manishankar Aiyar or KC Singh. You can imagine what nuisance they must have been while in office. Politicians and Babus are communities that are a cartoonist’s delight given the comic relief they provide the nation under any given circumstance. Babus last forever (for the duration of their career) while in the coalition-era it was hard to predict if the politician in govt will last till the weekend. Unfortunately for Babus there is now a govt with full majority without “coalition compulsions”.
In 1983 Yasser Arafat visited India for the NAM meet and called Indira Gandhi his “sister”. Very touching! NAM what? Well, NAM is another of those meaningless fossils created by Nehru and a few others called Non-Aligned Movement. Most of the current generation wouldn’t even have heard of it. Not a bad thing either. Goes without saying that all the NAM countries were anti-Israel, the only democracy in the ME, most of them sham democracies and even Banana-republics like Zimbabwe are members. Though India had recognised Israel a couple of years after its formation, full diplomatic relations weren’t established until 1991-92. India also happens to be the largest customer of Israeli weaponry. India has always voted against Israel in the conflict with Palestine region for obvious reasons. Nehru and the Congress (Like MK Gandhi before) sucked up to Muslims in India. The Congress policy on Israel was neither guided by a sense of justice nor any sense of fair-play. And according to our media morons and other sundry terror-sympathisers Israel was always the villain and still remains so for them. The only thing is, India wasn’t alone there were many other countries too.    
The reason for being anti-Israel, as explained, is to suck up to the rich oil-supplying Arabs and keep our Muslims happy. The BJP has traditionally been in favour of supporting Israel as do Hindus in general. At the BRICS meet in Brazil last year India was part of a resolution that condemned Israel. This was followed by another vote against Israel at the UN in July 2014. This stunned most supporters of BJP (and the Hindus) because Narendra Modi was seen as seen as a staunch friend of Israel and at the most India was expected to abstain from voting and not take sides. So, when Sujatha Singh, of the Babus, was recently sacked and replaced with the almost-retiring S. Jaishankar there was the usual media ruckus over a mundane event. Unusually, Singh went to town like a victim on NDTV and has been whining in the press about the “injustice” done to her. When someone runs to the corrupt, anti-national NDTV to play victim you can safely assume it was a good decision by the govt. Remember, Rajiv Gandhi had sacked a Foreign Secretary at a press conference in a most dishonourable manner.
A few days after Sujatha’s sacking Jayanthi Natarajan also went to media on how environment policies were meddled with by Rahul Gandhi and implied the “Jayanthi Tax” could well be “Gandhi Tax”. Common folks call it “bribe”. She was spilling more beans on the corrupt Congress and Gandhis. Naturally, life-time Congress-bootlicker Rajdeep Sardesai grabbed the opportunity to equate the episode of Sujatha Singh with that of Jayanthi Natarajan when there is hardly anything to compare:
As we know, Rajdeep and his C5M wife have lost their mental balance since they were sacked from CNN-IBN. His career was built on abusing Modi and earning his “Roji-roti” as Modi puts it. Modi has become PM; Rajdeep has become a street-thug. The media didn’t slander Sujatha Singh in anyway as she claims. The reports only suggest that she was a Babu (or Babuni) who wanted to continue Sonia’s policies, like being anti-Israel. TOI reports Modi was unhappy over the BRICS resolution and the anti-Israel vote in UN (And you thought politicians made these decisions?). It seems logical that Modi treats Israel as a “priority partner” as the report states and India couldn’t have a better friend in fighting terrorism. That alone should have made Israel a priority partner. Rajdeep is not alone. Almost the entire Sickular media behaved as if Sujatha Singh was a “victim” when there is really nothing wrong in a PM choosing Babus of his choice. The problem for the corrupt media and Opposition is that we now have a PM who has his own mind and not a “Limp Biskit” who previously occupied that office.

The entire episode of playing victim by Sujatha is laughable as are the “useful idiots” and iRudalis at NDTV and other media houses. Some PMs do have clear vision on policies. An almost similar episode was narrated in a satire nearly 3 decades ago. Sometimes satires are powerful enough to reflect reality. There was this PM who wanted to cancel a defence order with the US. There was a threat of Commies attacking a Commonwealth member called St. Georges Island and the PM wanted to abstain from voting against Israel. The skulduggery of the “Babus” against the PM is better shown in these videos than my words. Watch this opening video carefully (10 mins):

As it happens the Foreign Secretary and the Foreign Office follow their own path regardless of what the PM advises them. And Sir Humphrey does point out, though, that the UN is nothing but a platform for hate-speeches by some of the most dictatorial regimes. In comes the Foreign Office guy from the PMO but is he any different from his Babu-colleagues in the Foreign Office? Here you go (3.20 mins):
The PM does meet the Israeli Ambassador that evening, who was a colleague of his at the LSE. The Israeli Ambassador tells him he understands the compulsions of voting against his country and also offers advice on how to prevent the takeover of St. George’s Island. Hacker manages to score and has a special reward for Luke to whose report he wickedly credits his actions. Watch (3.29 mins):

All’s well that ends well! Imagine, instead of sacking Sujatha Singh if the GOI had transferred her to Israel as the Ambassador. She too would have a hard time explaining why India was always voting against Israel. The games that Babus play depending on their “loyalties” can be funny and can sometimes backfire. Indian foreign policy has for long been driven by the most illogical stands right from Nehru down. Our media morons whine about Gaza all the time as if it is only Israel that is killing innocent people. It is possible to have good relations with the Arabs and the Muslim world without India having to make Israel a villain in all cases. Much of the anti-Israeli propaganda is half-baked and the truth is often buried. Read this blog at the AmericanThinker to look at the other side of the story.

Whether Sujatha Singh’s grievances are genuine or not, we do not know. Whether media reports are true or not, we do not know because we know they are prone to concoct stories. However, India has a new Prime Minister. He will rely on Babus but has his vision clear. The sooner the Babus and Babunis realise it is not going to be “business as usual” it would be better for them. As for Congi pimps like Rajdeep and Barkha who whine, they can seek posting to an Arab nation if it suits their pursuits. 

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