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Kamlesh Tiwari, Malda, Peaceful Zombies, and Liberals with Sore Throat

Kamlesh Tiwari, Malda, Peaceful Zombies, and Liberals with Sore Throat

Muslim mob
(This post is direct. Those with weak hearts or fondness for political correctness can leave right now. Read Disclaimer.) 
An alleged pervert named Azam Khan who allegedly happens to be a minister in UP government allegedly called Hindu leaders homosexuals. This person has never been in news for a good reason. Earlier he had made headlines when he allegedly called Bharat Mata a “Daayan (witch)” and a rape-victim “publicity-seeker”.
Majority of “followers of religion of peace”, as always, kept silent on insult of Hindu leaders. Many enjoyed it. Many liberals argued what is so offensive about being “homosexual”.The gay right activist in them came in full bloom. Then came Kamlesh Tiwari. He replied to Azam Khan.
Since then, lakhs of terrorists have given death threats to Tiwari. Daily bounties on his head are breaking records of previous day. Slogans and placards like- ‘Gustakh e Rasul ki ek hi saza, Sir tan se juda’ (only punishment for insult of Muhammad is chopped head) can be seen and heard in every rally whose size gets larger day by day. Processions in almost all cities of India are being held. Sight of thousands of skullcaps and bearded men shouting Allahu Akbar and supporting ISIS is scaring kids and women in cities. But who cares? All Jihadis want is to behead Tiwari.
In this situation when crores of zombies are against one man, Agniveer announces full support for Kamlesh Tiwari. Support, not for his statements but, for his right to make those in a free democracy where
  • PK is a super-hit
  • Owaisi openly calls mother of Lord Ram characterless and Hindu gods “manhus” (bad omen)
  • Beef-parties are organized because Hindus consider cow as mother.
First demand their death before dreaming of beheading Tiwari.
Forget beheading. Slightest attempt to harm Tiwari or anyone for mere statements will be repaid in same currency with interest. (Interest is not haram in our faith)
Logic for logic. Sword for knife. Fire for spark. Cannon for bullet. Both eyes for an eyelid, and entire jaw for a tooth.

Silencing the Jihadi Zombie
Jihadi : Behead Tiwari.
Agniveer : This is not 1675 when you zombies beheaded our revered Guru Tegh Bahadur. This is 2015 and we shall not allow our guru’s martyrdom to go in vain.
Jihadi : Its in accordance with our Sharia law.
Agniveer : Keep your Saria Cement law in your sack. India is not Arabian desert. You have problems, go to courts.
Jihadi : But its our Akeeda/tradition to behead someone who insults prophet.
Agniveer : And every Kamlesh Tiwari & Charlie Hebdo is Agniveer’s prophet if Jihadis keep threatening them. Now if you dare touch Kamlesh or say bad about him, we too will be forced to retaliate. It is our Akeeda/ tradition to thrash those who want to behead our prophet.
Jihadi : Show me your book which says Tiwari is your prophet. I can show my book which says Muhammad is our prophet.
Agniveer : This post is the proof. If its not enough, book too is not enough. Show us video recording in which Muhammad said that he is the prophet and you must behead those who insult him.
Jihadi : No, book is the best evidence. Video is blasphemy.
Agniveer : You can’t set the rules of game always, moron. For me, book is blasphemy, only video recording is proof. I can see video of Tiwari but not Muhammad. So Tiwari is true prophet. Don’t touch him.
Jihadi : Azam Khan is one man. If he insulted your religion then Tiwari should have responded to him alone. Why did he insult prophet in open?
Agniveer :
1. Tiwari is one man. If he insulted your prophet then take him to court. Why scaring lakhs of women and kids with your scary faces on streets?
2. Whatever he said, it was in response to Azam Khan as is evident from his letter. Response means- IF you mean this THEN I say this. Or If you call me pig, I will call you swine. Its between those two. Why are you unnecessarily poking your nose?
3. If Azam Khan insulted Hindu leaders and prophet himself insulted the rest, Tiwari can’t be blamed for his words.
Non Violence Agniveer
Jihadi : Our prophet never insulted others’ gods/prophets. Tiwari did it.
Agniveer : I have read all major translations of Quran – in Hindi and English.
I have checked with my friends who have read translations in 30 plus other languages. As per all of these translations, Quran 98/6 calls idolaters/polytheists as ‘worst of creatures’.
I have read views of all known preachers of Quran. They all agree on one point – An idol-worshipper (Hindu) will burn in Hell forever because idol-worship is worst crime. It does not matter what good deeds he has done. It does not even matter if he died saving a Muslim. Unless he quits idol-worship, he is worst of creatures and will burn in hell. Unless he accepts Muhammad as final prophet, he will be dumped in fire of hell.
According to all these preachers and translations of Quran, my mother who is both an idolater and a polytheist is worse than dogs and pigs. All my gods like Ram and Krishna are supposed to be idolaters. All my freedom fighters are kafirs. All my saints are idol-worshippers. They all are ‘worst of creatures’.
I don’t know what is actually written in actual Quran because I have no video recording nor prophet ever explained to me in dreams or reality. But this abusive hatred against idol-worshippers (Hindus) – my father, my mother, my gods – is what all teachers and translations I have come across present as Quran or message of prophet.
If this be the version of Quran that dominates the market for last 1000 years, let me know who one should behe*d- One who sent such a Quran or one who received such a Quran or one who believes in such a Quran or one who preaches such a Quran? Who must be left out?
If your emotions got hurt with this, know that mine got hurt a thousand times more. Because prophet is just a messenger for you. You don’t even know if he actually said that one should hate idol-worshippers (Hindus). But my mother, Ram and Krishna are God for me whom I worship. So don’t you dare touch my new prophet Tiwari.
4. If you indeed want head of Tiwari, first hold rallies to ban all those translations of Quran that abusively hate idol-worshippers (Hindus) and portray prophet as a fanatic. And behead all those preachers who propagate this hatred against idol-worshippers.
Silencing the Fake (feku) Liberal
Liberal : Error 404 not found (liberal maintains safe distance from risky matters, he can only boast on beef, Kiss of love, porn etc)
Oh wait, liberal is here
Liberal : Stop offending Muslims. When you know they are sensitive to Muhammad, why hurt their feelings?
Agniveer :
0. We never offended any religious feeling. What a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew, Atheist believes is their personal prerogative and not our concern. But we do get offended when zombies hold rallies of lakhs demanding head of Kamlesh instead of approaching the court. We do get offended when MF Hussain and PK’s ridicule of Hindu gods and godmen is considered freedom of speech, but Kamlesh’s views or Hebdo’s cartoons result in rise of zombies and medical leaves of fake liberals.
1. Offend? Remember when Hindu groups protested against porn? What did you say? You quoted scriptures after scriptures to prove that India was a porn hub of past. You quoted Kamsutra as if it is religious text of Hindus. You never thought of religious feelings then. You kept mocking Hindus calling them Sanskari/Adarsh Baalak. You explained benefits and necessity of porn in a civilized society. Why spare “religion of peace” from necessary benefits of porn? You must be the first ones to provide scriptural evidence of porn dessert from desert. Why differentiate between sentiments of Hindus and Muslims?
2. When Hindu groups protested against revocation of article 377, you showed homosexuality from Vedas and Mahabharat using some weird translations and fantasies. Can’t you similarly find few verses from Quran now to support homosexuality? Why suddenly defense of homosexuality is tearing under scare of zombies? If indeed you consider Quran as a noble text, and homosexuality as a matter of pride, why deny this pride to noble Quran? Why differential treatment for feelings of Hindus and Muslims on a matter where they align?
3. Why don’t you tell Muslims that homosexuality is no sin and being homosexual is just like being left handed? And that it is pure biology (which you keep telling Hindu groups while ridiculing them)? Why must it be offensive to call any prophet as homosexual as per your arguments? And if it is, why were you publishing imbecile research proving Ram, Hanuman and Krishna as homosexuals? Your dual standards are exposed.
4. You roamed from town to town organizing beef-parties despite knowing cow is mother to crores of Hindus. Weren’t you hurting sentiments then?
Liberal : Don’t compare beef issue with prophet. Cow can’t be anyone’s mother but Muhammad is prophet.
Agniveer : Who made you judge? Self proclaimed? Ok, I am also the judge then. I declare you pig. Now buzz off. Shoo.
Liberal : But you can’t blame entire minority community just because of a misguided fringe element.
Agniveer :
1. Who blamed entire community? Where? When you were busy covering funeral procession of Yakub Memon, we were weeping over loss of APJ Abdul Kalam, our hero.
2. Minority? Or pseudo-minorities? Dude, we are in 2015 and not 1947 when Muslims were 7% in fragmented India. The community is now 20% of total population of India, majority (above 50%) in 19 districts, fairly dominant (above 20%) in 86 districts. Have you ever heard a news like this- ‘10 people from minority Hindu/Sikh/Christian/Jew groups raped/killed a man of majority community in Pakistan or Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia’ or any other Islamic country in this world? No. Minority that constitutes majority of criminals in jails is certainly not at all a suppressed minority as foolishly claimed by people like you. It only implies that morons like you are strengthening the criminal and terrorist elements in a dominant community of India. And in process, bringing bad name to the peaceful elements in the community.
3. Now lets analyse this fringe element theory a bit
There was the rally demanding head of Kamlesh Tiwari few days ago in the city of Muzaffarnagar (West UP), Shiv Chowk to be precise. Now consider
– One Lakh people attended the rally.
– Total population of Muzaffarnagar city is 4 Lakh as per 2011 census.
– If 20% people in rally came from outside, 80,000 were from the city.
 – Muslims are minority in India. Muslims are minority in Muzaffarnagar at 40% (still minorities as per fake liberal standards). So there are 1.6 Lakh Muslims in Muzaffarnagar city.
– Women do not attend Muslim rallies for some gender-equality reason. So all were males in Shiv Chowk that day.
– No of Muslims from Muzaffarnagar city gathered in rally = 80,000
– No of Muslim males in Muzaffarnagar city (assuming males = females) = 80,000
Percentage of eligible Muslims attending the rally = 80,000/80,000 = 100%
Is that what you call fringe? 
Almost all Muslim men in city were present in the rally that day! Now the only way you can prove this calculation wrong is by claiming Muzaffarnagar a Muslim majority city where Muslims are 60%. But in that case they are no longer minority. That means Indians are being kept in dark about census and Muslims are in majority at many places. Whichever case is true, its a slap in your face.
In Malda’s Kaliachak figures are even more interesting. 1.5 Lakh to 2.5 Lakh Muslims gathered to run riots against the minority Hindu community, the numbers are interesting
Population of Kaliachak Community Development Block 1 = 392,517
Population of Kaliachak Community Development Block 2 = 210,105
Population of Kaliachak Community Development Block 3 = 359,071
Total population of Kaliachak ~ 10 Lakh
Muslim population ~ 5 Lakh (50% of total population)
Male population ~ 2.5 Lakh
Male population (above 15 and below 60) ~ 1.5 Lakh to 2 Lakh
Percentage of eligible Muslims who attended as rioters in rally ~ 2.5 lakh /2 lakh > 100%
Riots happened in Kaliachak 1. But if it assumed that rioters gathered from nearby places, it is evident that almost whole male Muslim population (between 15-60 years) of Kaliachak and nearby places was actually rioting that day. And this also proves that census is under-reporting their actual population.
If more than 100% of official population is fringe, then what makes an isolated event in Dadri a mainstream example of intolerance?
Still not feeling shame, you moron?
Liberal: OK, I shouted so much against Hindu intolerance that I have a sore throat now. I have lost my voice.
Reality is that bashing Hindus is a harmless hobby. As exciting and daring as first-person shooting on Playstation. There will be good sound-effects, 3D visualizations but no one will jump out of screen like ‘The Ring’ movie to kill you. Announcing love of “religion of peace” after every terror attack makes you hero in your playstation gang of GI Joes. And since it now happens every other day, your brains are hard-wired to this heroism.
But you are not a fool to offend “peace-lovers” and risk real death. It takes real guts and true bladder control to stand for truth in real life without getting wet. You are comfortably numb being a Toy Story.
Your voice is loud only when playing video games.
You would be gay-rights activists if a Hindu group opposes Article 377. But would consider homosexuality an abuse if someone links it with “religion of peace”
– You would conduct beef-parties even if it offends Hindus to kill their mother cow. But would desist from prophet-cartoon exhibitions because you fear being put in peace forever.
– You would claim Karwa Chauth to be anti-woman but triple-talaq and polygamy as religious sentiments of peaceful.
– You would sing glories of nudity and condemn Hindus for subjugating women through dress code. But burqas that are medically proven to be greatest cause of Vitamin D related diseases among women across globe is fine by you. You will even conduct burqa marches to endorse them.
– When an Akhlaq is murdered for unclear reasons, you consider it Hindu intolerance and shout on top of your voice. But murder of Poojary by those who openly declared it as act of religious revenge makes your throat go bad.
When a nun is raped in West Bengal, your voice is at peak because it is sign of Hindu intolerance. But when the culprits are found to be Bangladeshis from “religion of peace”, you catch a cold.
– When churches are stoned in Delhi, your throat becomes Bose Surround Sound speakers. When the culprits are found to be petty hooligans from Jamia, you get swine flu and are prohibited from using your voice box.
– You start #proudtobleed and “expose” Hindu intolerance against women. But your throat starts bleeding when you discover that in “religion of peace”, menstruating women are prohibited from prayers, reading Holy Book, visiting mosques, circling the Kaba. You fight for rights of menstruating women in temples but not in mosques. There is prohibition on even entry of women in mosques without a close relative.
On every count where liberals bashed “Hindu intolerance”, peace-lovers are much graver offenders. But your bladder-controlled voice box goes out of service when you must deal with zombies. Fear is the key.
Message to those who support zombies 
Muslim like APJ Abdul Kalam, Abdul Hamid, or Ashfaq Ullah Khan are our heroes. If you are inspired by them, Agniveer salutes you. If you are not then this is for you. If you did not weep when APJ died, but were in the funeral procession of rascal Yakub Memon, then this is for you.
Dear Brothers. Time is tough. You have been brainwashed by Moulvis, hate literature and translations. Look around. Every community is prospering except yours. Look at top scientists, engineers, industrialists, economists and professionals. How many Muslims do you see? Now look at last 1000 bomb blasts in the world. How many Muslims do you see? That speaks all. You pray hell for Kafirs. Kafirs are ruling the world. Can’t you see the contradiction? Only thing you use to console yourself is that afterlife belongs to you. But don’t you think someone who couldn’t compete in normal world, how would he be eligible hereafter? Your heaven will be full of jaahil zombies and hell will have all top-brains – Newton, Einstein, Ramanujan, CV Raman, APJ Abdul Kalam, Abdus Salam.
You are taught to hate Hindus, India, Indian heroes, Indian culture, temples, idols and everything through your books and sermons. If invaders are your heroes, how can others love you? You are not sons of Babur or Ghori. You have Indian ancestry. You are blood of Sher Maharana Pratap and not of that coward womanizer drug-addict Akbar. Religion is important but if you agreed to live in a secular state, know that nation is above religion. You keep nation at top, nation keeps you at top. You keep nation second, nation treats you as second class citizen. Its pure logic, no rocket science. APJ not Aurangzeb should be your idol. Be APJ, Indians worships you.
Lastly, if you are offended by someone’e remarks, courts are open. Go to courts and get the culprit punished. Bullying is not going to work. That only explains why all terrorists claim to be carrying flag of “religion of peace”.
Trash all translations of Quran that call idol-worshippers (Hindus) as worst of creatures. Thrash all preachers who claim that non-Muslims will go to Hell. Keep religion your personal pursuit. Follow the Quran that opens gates of heaven to idol-worshippers, atheists, Christians, and Jews. Gates of happiness and success will open for you.
Message to admirers of APJ
You must learn to defend yourself. No law in the world stops you from self-defense. Pledge that you will never touch someone innocent in action but will never get killed/defeated if others attack. If someone is there to kill you at your doorstep or is holding gun on your head, waiting for police or army is foolish. Learn to fight back. The rallies of lakhs threatening one of you in your country is an insult to your existence. You have been tolerating terrorism for last 1400 years. Say no more to it. Be strong and victorious. Save India, save humanity. Never kill but never get killed either. Strength/unity is the key.
And remember, unless you unite to defend every patriot, you will continue to create Pakistans, Bangladeshes, Kashmirs that break away Bharat. Show no mercy on a Ghori like Prithviraj Chauhan. Strengthen hands of APJ Abdul Kalam to bomb away the terror mindset. We are fighting a serious war against terror for 1300 years and it has become really serious in last few years. Your passiveness will burn your home also along with rest of the world. Show no soft corner for zombies. It only weakens the APJ and nourishes Baghdadis of ISIS.
Ignore the bellows of fake-liberals. They are coward rats who will get a sore throat and apply for medical leave at slightest risk. They appease the zombies because they are scared of them. They will start appeasing you when they start getting scared of you.
The time for political correctness is over. Time for being APJ has long started.
– Vashi and Sanjeev
Disclaimer: This is a creative fiction as per Disclaimer. Please agree to the Disclaimer before you read this article. If you read Disclaimer after reading the article, and do not agree to Disclaimer, forget whatever you read. If you cannot forget, go to a psychiatrist. But do not consider the comment section as a toilet.
Vashi Sharma is a respected energy scientist with numerous international level publications. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. He teaches at NIT Jaipur. He is an expert in concentrator optics and works in domain of optimal utilization of solar energy.
Sanjeev Newar is a data scientist by profession. His risk management products have been named in top 20 of world for 2014 and 2015. He is the only Indian (and Asian) to have ever made to this list. He has been behind several inclusive and encompassing innovations. He is a mentor to several eminent young scientists of country. Sanjeev is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and IIM Calcutta

Sabhar from Agniveer.com

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Why JNU burns: Shadowy role of fifth columnists & fellow travellers

Why JNU burns: Shadowy role of fifth columnists & fellow travellers
by R K Ohri on 16 Feb 2016 3 Comments
The fires of Maoism and Islamism have been smouldering across Jawaharlal Nehru University for several years, but the UPA government chose to ignore the growing student radicalization for reasons best known to itself. Now, on February 9, 2016, the institution has burst into flames with a function organized to eulogise Afzal Guru and to advocate the destruction of the Indian nation.

The two favourite slogans of the radicals of All India Student Association (AISA) and the Democratic Students Union (DSU) were ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ and ‘Jang Rahegi Jaari Bharat Ki Barbadi Tak’. The reasons for announcing a new war against India are not difficult to seek.  

Public memory is proverbially short, but far shorter is the memory of television anchors and column writers. The ultra-soft attitude of the UPA regime towards radical Islamists has be evaluated with reference to Rahul Gandhi’s confidential tête-à-tête with US Ambassador Timothy Roemer in April 2009, warning the latter that the saffron terror (read BJP) was far more dangerous than the Islamic terror of Lashkar-e-Taiba!

When the ultra-radical AISA won the student union elections in 2012, several groups of anti-nationals chanted the famous Maoist slogan, “Lal Salam” and drum beats reverberated across the campus. There were spontaneous celebrations on a scale far more impressive than in April 2010, when AISA and DSU jointly celebrated the massacre of 76 Jawans of the CRPF in an ambush by Maoist guerrillas at Dantewada, Chhattisgarh, under the aegis of ‘JNU Forum Against War on People’.

It is not an accident that the arrested Kanhaiya Kumar and the runaway organizer of the anti-national event, Khalid Umar, are active members of the DSU which organised this gruesome celebration. It is believed that Khalid Umar has been in touch with SAR Geelani and Prof Ali Javed of Delhi University, who held a similar anti-national event at the Press Club of India on February 10, 2016. In these circumstances, it cannot be ruled out that these activists may be in touch with members of the banned Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI).

Hence it is imperative to entrust the probe in the two cases of sedition and criminal conspiracy (in JNU and the Press Club of India) to the National Investigating Agency (NIA).

Our intelligence agencies must urgently erase the growth of ‘No Go’ zones in Indian cities and uproot the pro-Islamist-cum-Maoist moles embedded in educational institutions. Many radicals like Prof Ali Javed have been strutting across Delhi and major cities like Kolkata and Mumbai, operating in tandem with leftist outfits and traitors. Many of them are reported to have links with anti-India groups based in the Gulf and have connections with Pakistani spies embedded in India. 

Time to expose Kejriwal’s radical connections

In order to understand the roots struck in the national capital by radical politicians, one must remember the umbilical connection between Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party with AISA. Our news anchors have forgotten that the Delhi Chief Minister’s right hand man is Transport Minister Gopal Rai, who was a prominent member of AISA and continues to have extensive contacts with the outfit’s leaders in JNU. 

An important reason for the BJP’s defeat in the Delhi Assembly elections was its failure to highlight Kejriwal’s Dubai connection. On December 7, 2014, Kejriwal was felicitated by a shadowy Dubai-based organization, ‘World Brands Summit’ with great fanfare. He was flown in to the city, Business Class. While the Indian media noted the gross impropriety of a self-proclaimed ‘aam aadmi’ enjoying Business Class, they failed to see the AAP’s likely link to petro-dollars and fundamentalist groups, both in India and abroad. For several years Dubai has been an important pivot of radical Islam.  

In a well-researched article, Baloch journalist Aamna Shahwani (The Afghanistan Times, Kabul, March 4, 2014) highlighted Kejriwal’s Pakistani connection: “In 2013 after Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party won 28 seats out of 70 seats in the Delhi Assembly elections, the Pakistani media was full of praise for AAP. Although the BJP had won a few more seats than the AAP, the well-known Pakistani newspaper, Dawn, totally ignored it and emphasized the AAP victory by front-paging the news. The Pakistani media also started praising Kejriwal for his spectacular success. No one knows why suddenly Kejriwal became a darling of the Pakistani media and chatterati?”

There were celebrations in different cities of Pakistan, especially in the Pakistan-administered Kashmir, heralding the AAP victory. Can Kejriwal explain this celebration of AAP’s political debut in the neighbouring country? There was a big spurt in online donations from Pakistanis to AAP. According to Aamna Shahwani, more support was likely come to AAP from Pakistan because the ISI wanted to have a puppet regime in New Delhi.

In February 2014, some Pakistani journalists and media groups interviewed Kejriwal. Even the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif, proclaimed that his victory would help in resolving the Kashmir dispute. The sudden emergence of Kejriwal as darling of Pakistani politicians needs explanation.

Prima facie, the reason is the AAP’s anti-India stand on the Kashmir dispute. Aamna Shahwani has pointed out that at least three members of the AAP had openly delivered anti-India and pro-secessionist statements on Kashmir favouring a referendum, or plebiscite; most prominent was the now-expelled founder member, Prashant Bhushan. Shahwani observed that AAP has many members who had pleaded for sparing the life of Afzal Guru, sentenced to death for his role in the attack on the Indian Parliament.

In another important  article titled, ‘Islamists in Pakistan launch online campaign for funding AAP’, (website ‘Covert Wires’, November 17, 2013), researchers Somiksha C Mohanta and Nazia Murtad drew attention to the fact that Kashmiri separatists were running online donation campaigns for the Aam Aadmi Party [Source: www.covertwires.com]. Mohanta and Murtad wrote that the leader of the AAP was not a visionless man, but has a far-sighted vision which enables him to get a proper sense of winning elections. He knows clever ways to earn funding for the AAP from outside India. It was pointed out that Kejriwal constantly claimed that the AAP was clean money from NRI’s via the donation section of the AAP website. The party once boasted that it has received INR 5 million from an NRI based in East Asia, which donation lacked transparency. But the catch, according to Mohanta-Murtad, was that one can never prove whether some foreign agencies were channelizing funds through NRI’s abroad.

Mohanta and Murtad highlighted a recorded instance of an anti-India Indian who donated two months’ salary to the AAP, INR 45,000, ostensibly because “Mujhe yakeen hai aaplog India mein Islami Huqumat Qayam Karogey  (I am sure you will establish Islamic rule in India). [Ibid]

This pro-Kejriwal online activist, Qayyum Endian, described the situation created by AAP as a historical turning point and hailed Kejriwal as the new Jaychand who will initiate the second phase of Islamisation of India. Qayyum Endian further asked Kejriwal to provide assistance to Muslims. His message posted in the online campaigns elucidated that the citizenship filter is a deliberate security breach and even as you have to sign that you are an Indian citizen in the form checkbox attribute, it lets you bypass the obstruction. He suggested that this was a nice way to shoot two targets with a single arrow - managing to create a public perception that they were receiving no foreign funding, but were getting only NRI money. Thus, one could still make a donation to them. When a person successfully makes the payment through credit/debit card, he will receive a Transaction ID like Qayyum did. 

Qayyum thereafter urged the public to assist AAP according to his/her capability because, “Allah said that the dust you face in the battle, will return as fragrance …” According to Mohanta and Murtad, this post supporting Kejri’s AAP was first found on a Facebook page titled, “Our Kashmir, Our Concern” running from Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-Occupied-Kashmir. It aimed at promoting the separatist cause in Kashmir and supporting the Pakistani Army. [See https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=232217923619106]. Later, the post  found its way to other separatist and Pakistani pages on the Internet. [Ibid]

This same article found by Somiksha Mohanta and Nazia Murtad was also found by Asansol News on their website https://asansolnews.wordpress.com. Thus, prima facie AAP appears to have got huge funds from anti-India operatives based in Pakistan, Pak-Occupied Kashmir and some Gulf-based entities.

Somiksha Mohanta and Nazia Murtad posed the important question whether Arvind Kejriwal truly deserves the title of Jaychand bestowed on him by Qayyum Endian? The more important question that needs to be answered is whether the AAP really aims at promoting Islamic rule in India, as asserted by Qayyum Endian?     
[Facsimile of payment through IDBI Bank, posted by Qayyum Endian, can be seen at Covert Wires, November 17, 2013, https://asansolnews.wordpress.com/category/somiksha-c-mohanta/]

Qayyum Endian cites several reasons why Pakistani and Indian Muslims and even “Good Hindus” (secularism-swearing fellow travellers) should support the AAP. One is that the AAP was the boldest critic of the BJP, which is an important nationalist Indian party and therefore the most anti-Pakistan outfit. AAP suits the Muslims because it has excellently fooled the Indian masses who believe every rubbish which the AAP spits out. For instance, the AAP quickly blamed Narendra Modi and Amit Shah for provoking communal riots in Muzaffarnagar, in Uttar Pradesh, India without any proof. And that qualifies AAP to get funds from Pakistanis and “Endians” like Qayyum.

Unfortunately, our intelligence agencies seem to have missed this highly revealing article of Somiksha Mohanta and Nazia Murad.

It is intriguing that Arvind Kejriwal had a two hour long meeting with the hardcore Mullah Tauqueer of Bareilly, who had issued a ‘fatwa’ in March  2007 promising a reward  of Rs. five lakhs to any Muslim willing to behead Bangladeshi writer, Taslima Nasreen. Earlier in 2006, the same Maulana had announced a reward of Rs. 25 crores for beheading US President George Bush, before his visit to India. When asked what he discussed for two hours with Maulana Tauqueer, Kejriwal’s laconic reply was that he didn’t know about the Maulana’s communal background!

We may recall that during Anna Hazare’s dharna at Ramlila Grounds, Kejriwal had removed the painting of Bharat Mata from the stage on being told that it hurt the sentiments of Muslims. This mischief was immediately after meeting Imam Bukhari of Jama Masjid.  

More recently, on February 9, 2016, the Aam Aadmi Party celebrated the birthday of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale, across Punjab. Posters carrying photographs of Bhindranwale, Kejriwal and other leaders of the Aam Aadmi Party were pasted across Chandigarh and other cities, urging the Sikhs to join the celebrations in gurdwaras.

Prima facie, there is a valid case for investigating Kejriwal’s alleged association with radical Muslims and secessionist Sikh groups working against the Indian nation. His close connections with the AISA, cultivated through his confidante, Gopal Rai, and the AAP’s youth wing, Yuva Chhatra Sangharsh Samiti, thorough investigation. Interestingly, India’s voluble media has never cared to unravel the truth about the AAP managing to enlist the support of several anti-India groups operating in Pakistan, Pak-Occupied Kashmir, Punjab and the Sheikhdoms of West Asia. 

Sabhar from Vijayaavani.com

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

It is High Time that Hindus Woke Up

Some time ago, a news item caught my attention: Dalit Christians had filed a complaint with the United Nations against the Vatican because of caste based discrimination of the Catholic Church in India. The complaint was filed with the UN Information Centre at New Delhi.
It made me feel that a suggestion I had made in an earlier article was maybe not so outlandish and actually worthwhile. I had suggested that Hindus, Buddhists and others could file a complaint with the UN against Christianity and Islam, because Christianity considers non-Christians as heathen and Islam non-Muslims as infidels, and both these religions claim that heathen and infidels are unworthy of the grace of the Supreme Power and will be thrown into hellfire where they will suffer excruciating pain for all eternity.
“Idol-worshippers” – Hindus are labeled as such – are the worst of the lot in the eyes of those religions.

In the Bible, Mathew (13: 49/50) states:
 This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous  and throw them into the blazing furnace, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
The Quran gives a more detailed description of the torture that awaits infidels:
“But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them, boiling fluid will be poured down their heads. Whereby that which is in their bellies, and their skins too, will be melted; And for them are hooked rods of iron. Whenever, in their anguish, they would go forth from thence they are driven back therein and (it is said unto them): Taste the doom of burning” (Quran 22:19-22)
Hindus generally have no malice towards other faiths and don’t expect others to have malice towards their own faith. They readily pay respect to Bible and Christianity or to Quran and Islam without knowing what they contain. Usually they don’t even notice that their respect is not reciprocated.
However, there are also those who know the content, but prefer to ignore unacceptable passages. One reason may be that they don’t take them seriously and can’t imagine that anybody takes them seriously. Unfortunately, they underestimate the power of indoctrination, especially in childhood. It is not only the ISIS types who believe and act on it. I know from own experience that children believe what they are told and many don’t question this belief even as adults.
Another reason may be that they don’t want to draw attention to those divisive, discriminating passages in books that are considered holy by the majority of the world’s population. They fear they could remind ‘believers’ of their duty to fight the “unbelievers” or rather the “wrong believers” as Hindus are great believers in the Supreme and certainly not unbelievers.
However, this attitude won’t work today, as the content of Quran, Bible and other scriptures is readily available on the net. It is easy to access any verse of the Bible or Quran. ISIS spread their views on the internet. The radicalization among Muslim youth is often happening via the net. A cleric in a German mosque who had banned radicalized youth and declared ISIS as un-Islamic was described as an “old, confused man”, by a German Turk, who ‘knew’ that ISIS is following the Quran. How did he know? “I and my friends have read the Quran”, he declared. His friends are fighting for ISIS.
I didn’t make the suggestion to complain to the UN because I expect much action from the UN. I made the suggestion mainly, because in this way the issue would hopefully come into mainstream discourse. People need to realize how absurd and divisive this claim of “eternal hell for unbelievers” is.

The gravity of the situation needs to sink in: every second child in the world is taught that Hindus (and others) are not equal in the eyes of the Supreme God, and the child is likely to believe it. In fact, the child is taught that the Supreme hates those others so much that they will burn for all eternity in hellfire if they don’t mend their ways and join the believers on the right path.
Sri Krishna, Sri Rama, Sita, the Rishis, Swami Vivekananda, Baba Ramdev, Mata Amritanandamayi, Narendra Modi, Aishwarya Rai, Sachin Tendulkar… just name them, each and every Hindu who ever lived – none will find mercy with the Highest. They all are thrown into the ‘blazing furnace’.
People need to become aware that prophesizing eternal hell was a strategy to frighten the own followers into submission and to justify using force to either convert or wipe out those who ‘insult the Supreme Power and don’t accept the only truth’.  This claim of “hell for unbelievers” is about power and influence and has nothing to do with eternal truth or morality.
If a small, crazy sect would claim that all others will burn in hell, one would understand if nobody takes note of such nonsense. But it is not a small sect that makes this claim. This claim is contained in the doctrines of the two most powerful religious institutions on earth with almost four billion followers. Mercifully, many Christians especially in Europe don’t believe it anymore, but it is part of the Christian dogma.
Is one allowed to call this claim nonsense – in the age of quantum physics where it is known that ultimately all is connected and nothing is separate?
Strangely, Hindus keep quiet. They may hope it goes away. It won’t go away without those who are demeaned in this unacceptable manner putting their foot down. Why should those who benefit from this claim give it up as long as nobody objects?
The Church had once to give in to protests: it lost the power to punish heretics and even had to allow Christians to leave the Church. Ever since, the west came out of the Dark Age, but the damage was done nevertheless: arrogance and a feeling of superiority was already ingrained in the people and nature had been divested of its sacredness and still is treated as a slave to be exploited.
The dogmatic religions uprooted people from their pagan societies and made them slowly but surely arrogant, self-righteous and convinced that they are meant to rule the world in the name of their god. Would colonialism in its brutal form have been possible without the mindset that Christians are superior to the native heathen? Would Muslim invasions have been so cruel without the mindset that Allah wants them to smite the necks of infidels till all worship is only for Allah?
Today’s most pressing problem, Islamic terrorism, has its roots in the claim that infidels are rejected by Allah. ISIS, Boko Haram and others consider it their sacred duty to rid the earth of such scum.

Christianity stopped killing heathen but still does great harm in so called ‘unreached areas’ for example in India, where it deceives, threatens and lures people away from their tolerant, inclusive tradition into an arrogant, divisive mindset.
Some followers of Islam still kill. They are called Islamists instead of Muslims. But as long as the Quran contains verses that seem to be exhortations to kill infidels, and no official correction is made that these verses refer only to history, there is insincerity in the claim that they are not Muslims. On one hand we condemn those youth in the strongest terms and on the other, we revere the scripture which they claim to follow.
When Donald Trump declares that he won’t allow Muslims into the USA if he becomes President, he may cater to a populist sentiment among Americans but this is no solution. A better strategy would be to make Muslims disown certain passages in the Quran. At the same time, Christians must be made to disown certain passages in the Bible. Blind belief that the Supreme has revealed the truth only to Jesus or only to Mohammed must be allowed to be questioned without putting one’s life in danger.
The Pope said recently in Africa “Christians and Muslims are brothers”. It sounded more like “Let’s live and let live”. Yet when the Pope was in India, he didn’t make such conciliatory statement. He said “we will plant the cross in Asia”. Why? Did he think the “mild” Hindus won’t object to their own demise? Or did he behave like a bully to put Hindus on the defensive?
If Christianity really had the better truth, it would be okay. But this is not the case. The supremacy that the Church claims has no basis except in blind belief. In the same way, the supremacy that Islam claims has also no basis except in blind belief. Both faiths can’t challenge each other. A debate between Christianity and Islam would go like this:
Christianity: “We alone have the full truth”
Islam: “We alone have the full truth.”
Christianity: “God has revealed the full truth through his son Jesus”
Islam: “Allah has revealed the final truth through Prophet Mohammed.”
Christianity: “All have to worship God, the father, via his son.”
Islam: “All have to worship Allah.”
However, in one point both agree: “Heathen and infidels need to disappear from the earth.”
In contrast, ‘Hinduism seeks to propagate the collective wisdom and inspiration of centuries and has room for all forms of beliefs’ (according to the Supreme Court). It offers a profound philosophy. It can bring to the table the wisdom of the ancient Rishis that has never been disproven. This wisdom points to the absolute truth, which dogmatic religions are ignorant of: Truth is not a belief based on thoughts. It is what we all truly are – thought free, blissful awareness.
One would expect that humanity in the 21st century has outgrown blasphemy laws. This is not the case. Not only is there no pressure on countries that have blasphemy laws to abandon them, but – unbelievable, but true – there are attempts by the Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) to bring the whole world under a blasphemy law.
Several countries, like Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, have petitioned the UN to make defamation of Islam a crime. And even President Obama and Hillary Clinton supported a resolution (Istanbul Process 16/18) to curb ‘Islamophobia’. Efforts to go further are still on.
It is high time that Hindus wake up. Filing a petition with the UN against unsubstantiated, discriminatory claims may help put the world on notice that Hindus are not the scum of this earth and have a right to exist.
UNICEF also should be petitioned that brainwashing of children into hatred for others must be made a crime. The video of a child in ISIS land cutting the throat of his teddy bear as practice is horrendous. A lot of noise needs to be made about those petitions. Christianity and Islam must not get away with discrediting Hindu Dharma. Let there be a public discourse on which worldview is closer to the truth, and which religion has a better philosophical basis.
Actually it is so obvious even at a first glance: the choice is between brotherhood of all without any preconditions and fighting each other.
Let’s choose brotherhood of all. And please also include animals.

Sabhar from India facts, Maria Wirth, My Elder Sister  !

Essential Facts of Sanatana Dharma

Essential Facts of Sanatana Dharma
Sometimes people ask what Hinduism is, and how it compares with the other religious/spiritual traditions of the world. Most of the time Hindus find it difficult to provide simple and cogent answers to such questions, which can make other people doubt the validity of Hindu dharma.
I have compiled the following information highlighting key points that can be used to show to the uninformed person what Hindu Dharma truly is, and all the factors that it relates to, which go far beyond what other religions normally address.
The vastness, abundance and diversity within Hindu Dharma is a strength rather than a weakness, and places it far above more circumscribed beliefs. But this diversity needs to be explained properly and in detail for people today to understand, particularly for those coming from the background of western education or western religions who may have many misconceptions already.
Each of these paragraphs can be used as a basis for discussion.

Place of Hinduism among the Religious and Spiritual Traditions of the World

Hinduism is the oldest continuous religious and spiritual tradition in the world, going back over five thousand years, with no specific point of origin historically. It is connected more with cosmic time cycles and eternal truth than it is with any historical person, revelation or community.
Hinduism is the third largest religion in the world with over a billion followers worldwide, comprising about one in every seven people on Earth. It has been one of the largest followed religions since its inception long before the other major world religions came into existence.
Hinduism is the largest of the non-Biblical and non-Abrahamic traditions, with only Christianity and Islam having more followers today. As such, it represents the non-Abrahamic religious movements of humanity, of which Biblical monotheism is only one.
Hinduism is the largest and oldest of the Dharmic traditions, comprising Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism and related spiritual traditions of India and Asia, which emphasize the pursuit of truth over any creed or dogma. More religions have originated in India than in any other country in the world.
Hinduism is the largest of the so-called pagan traditions, such as existed before Christianity and Islam arose, like the older European and Middle Eastern traditions, including the Greek, Roman, Celtic, Germanic, Slavic, Persian, Babylonian, Egyptian and many more.
A number of these pagan traditions have survived and several are being revived today. Hinduism can help in this renewal process as its continuity has remained unbroken.
Hinduism is the largest of the native and indigenous traditions of America, Africa, Polynesia and other parts of Asia, including many oral traditions, which are rooted in nature and the Earth rather than any human revelation. Hinduism encourages the preservation of native traditions and can help us understand the deeper spiritual meaning of their rituals and view of the sacred.
Hinduism, though primarily found in India and Nepal, historically has spread throughout Central Asia, Indochina and Indonesia, and aspects of Hinduism came with Buddhism wherever it went as far as Japan, which still has many temples to Hindu deities today.
Hindu and Vedic related traditions from the Zoroastrian to the Greek, Roman and Celtic spread west through the Middle East to Europe in early ancient times. The largest traditional Hindu temple complex is Ankor Wat in Cambodia, showing that Hinduism is not just an India based but a universal and global tradition.
Hinduism is the largest of the world’s pluralistic spiritual traditions, honoring many paths to God or truth, and many names and forms of the Divine. Hinduism therefore easily blends in with pluralistic social traditions, such as found in democratic traditions today.
Hinduism is a dharma or way of truth that places individual spiritual practices through ritual, Yoga, mantra and meditation over any particular belief, faith or institution. In Hinduism truth is even more important than God, whose best definition is the eternal truth.
Hinduism is not a local formation or limited to one community of believers or practitioners. It calls itself as Sanatana Dharma, the eternal and universal truth that is relevant to all beings and arises from the cosmic mind itself.
Hinduism is beyond all views of monotheism or polytheism, teaches us to see the Divine in everything as the power of universal consciousness. Hinduism cannot be put into the straightjackets of western theological thought.
Hinduism formulates itself as Manava Dharma or a teaching for all human beings. It has never divided humanity into believers or non-believers, or one religious community as against another. It has never rejected any portion of humanity as condemned by God or the Divine, but teaches that all living beings must eventually return to the highest state of bliss.
Hinduism has the greatest number of followers regularly engaged in pilgrimage of any religion in the world. The Kumbha Mela is world’s largest religious gathering and has been for many centuries, with as many as thirty million participants on a single day. Local Hindu festivals throughout India commonly see hundreds of thousands of participants on a single day.
Hinduism has the largest number of temples and shrines of any religion, with numerous temple complexes and temple cities built over thousands of years, as well as many local and home-based shrines. It also has the greatest diversity of temples and shrines in terms of different types of construction, formation, forms and images.
Hinduism has the largest number of monks and priests of any religion, with extensive religious orders of Swamis, yogis and Sadhus, more than two million in India today. It also has the oldest set of religious orders, priests and gurus, with lines and lineages going back to before the time of Lord Buddha.
buddhaHinduism has the largest number of teachers, gurus and holy men and women of any religion. It emphasizes living teachers over teachers and prophets of old. Hinduism says that God-realization is the right of every human being.
Hinduism has a greater variety of religious and spiritual teachings than any other religion in the world. There are perhaps more religions inside of Hinduism than outside of it. These include even atheism and agnosticism.
Hinduism has more names and forms for the sacred and Divine than any tradition, including extensive traditions of iconic worship and formless approaches that use no murtis. Hindu deities routinely have chants to them of a thousand names. Yet Hindu dharma also honors the nameless and formless, the infinite and unbounded.
Hinduism has the most festivals and holy days of any religion, with some lasting as long as ten days. Hinduism has its own sacred calendar that directs us to spiritual practices on a daily basis and tells us the unique spiritual qualities of each day of the year.

Key Points of Hindu Philosophy and Cosmology

Hinduism is the most tolerant and syncretic of the worlds major religions. It does not aim at outer conversion but at inner spiritual practices, and regards the same One truth as capable of innumerable manifestations relative to different times, places and persons. Hinduism has both a universal orientation and a local adaptation.
Hinduism does not promote any single religious belief but rather encourages us to pursue the exploration of consciousness as our real spiritual quest. It places individual spiritual practices over any en masse belief.
Hinduism has the most detailed philosophy and psychology of any spiritual tradition in the world, with numerous systems of Yoga, Vedanta and Tantra, covering every angle of the spiritual life and quest for higher consciousness.
Hinduism recognizes that each individual soul can realize Divinity as one’s true Self and inmost consciousness, and does not regard as any teacher, messenger, prophet or savior as final. It teaches that your true Self and the universe are one.
Hinduism rests upon honoring each individual as Divine and all nature as sacred. It does not demand conversion, but directs us to understand and respect ourselves as we are according to our own inner being.
Hinduism is the most prominent spiritual tradition in the world emphasizing Self-knowledge gained through Self-inquiry over any person, form, name, book or deity. It regards religious or spiritual practice as various approaches to Self-realization, not as ends in themselves. It understands our true Self as beyond both body and mind, as well as time, space and karma. This takes it far beyond the limitations of western psychology.
Hinduism is the primary tradition in the world that teaches karma and reincarnation, with each soul having many lives in its quest for the Divine. Such ideas of karma and reincarnation can be found in many spiritual and religious traditions throughout the world, reflecting an extensive Hindu influence.
Hinduism rejects ideas of sin and salvation, heaven and hell. It states that our main problem is spiritual ignorance that is overcome by knowledge born of meditation. It teaches that each soul is originally pure and one with the universal Being, with the ultimate origin and goal of all as Supreme Bliss or Ananda.
Hinduism is rooted in the Sanskrit language, arguably humanity’s greatest language based upon a science of cosmic sound. Hinduism has numerous mantras, chants and prayers, more so than any other religion.
Hinduism has the largest literature of any religion, with numerous texts in Sanskrit and the regional languages of South Asia going back many thousands of years. Its ancient Vedic literature is the largest literature that has been preserved from the ancient world, going back long before the time of Buddha. Only a small portion of Hindu literature has been translated into western languages.
Hinduism has the main literature and tradition of Yoga, including all aspects of Yoga as knowledge, devotion, service, and methods of both Hatha and Raja Yoga.  Hinduism contains many Yoga lineages from the greatest Yoga gurus like Patanjali, Vasishta and Yajnavalkya and the great Natha and Siddha Yogis.
sadhusHinduism has the largest philosophical literature of any religion or country, comprising every shade of dualism and non-dualism, theism and non-theism, worship of the Divine as One or Many. Hindu philosophy examines the whole of life and the nature of knowledge on all levels, inner and outer. It includes many schools of Vedanta, Samkhya, Yoga, Nyaya, Vaisheshika, Mimamsa, Purana and Tantra, including modern teachers and their new insights.
Hinduism has the largest and broadest set of teachings of any religion extending into philosophy, mysticism, yoga, psychology, medicine, science, astronomy and astrology, art, literature, dance, music. It embraces all of human life and culture and excludes no aspect of learning as unsacred. Hinduism teaches us how to make any vocation, way of knowledge or culture into a spiritual path or way of Self-realization.
Hinduism has the largest literature of any spiritual tradition exploring and mapping higher states of consciousness beyond the physical, extending to the entire manifest universe of body, life, mind and intelligence. Hinduism describes in detail the many levels of the universe beyond the physical, extending to the Absolute beyond all time and space.
Hinduism has an understanding of time extending to vast cosmic cycles of billions of years, such as recognized by modern physics, and is not bound to any limited historical perspective. It teaches us that life on Earth is influenced by such longer cosmic time cycles.
Hinduism recognizes vast realms of spaces and numerous worlds, both physical and in the astral and causal realms, extending far beyond what science has yet imagined. It says that our current humanity is only one of many over time. It holds that intelligent life inhabits the universe as a whole and is interrelated in many ways that we can access within our own consciousness.
Hinduism finds holy sites everywhere in nature. It honors all nature as sacred. Hindu sacred sites can be found in mountains, rivers, forests, deserts, rocks and sea. It has mapped the sacred sites throughout the Indian subcontinent since ancient times. Such are the sacred Ganga River or Mount Kailash in Tibet. Yet Hindus can find sacred sites in the nature everywhere that they live.
Hinduism sees the human body itself as a temple of Divinity reflecting the structure of the universe through the chakra system. It has a deeper understanding of the subtle energy and thought patterns behind our physical form, such as science is only beginning to note.
Hinduism as Sanatana Dharma, a universal and eternal tradition of Self knowledge and cosmic knowledge, is the least divisive of any religion. It does not divide us by community but directs us to discover our inner unity.

Sabhar from India Facts team. by David Frawley

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Science, Secularism and Saturn

Science, Secularism and Saturn
In Hindu mythology, Saturn is easily the most difficult planet to propitiate. It symbolizes death, disease, poverty and all that we abhor in life.
Rationality is an extremely useful state of mind. Alas, it is not the only state of mind. Somewhere between rational enquiry and irrational mumbo-jumbo lies the non-rational world of art, poetry, music, mythology and much else. Of course, the non-rational does have rational as well as irrational building blocks, the concept of harmony in music and skilful exaggerations or logical contradictions in story-telling for instance, but as a cognitive phenomenon, non-rationality refuses to be tied down to either rationality or its opposing binary.
In other words, the pleasant experience of listening to music or reading poetry has little to do with our knowledge of sound waves or neuroscience. In contrast, rationality becomes indispensable in scientific enquiry and in societal matters, where forming explicit consensus over issues of importance is unavoidable. Hence it finds an extraordinary, if not supreme, place in our collective imagination.
However, as proposed above, rationality ought to have its reasonable limits and not just in the fields of aesthetics or art but also when we ascribe meaning to our everyday existence. The legendary propensity of human beings to interpret the infinite expressions of a limitless Universe within the rigid constructs of reason makes us unrealistically optimistic about the success of this hopeless endeavour. On a more grounded, less speculative note, the reliance on reason alone as our sole moral compass is sure to lead to disastrous navigation in social life. It is worth considering that psychopaths mostly self-identify as impeccable rationalists. The ‘Rationalist Delusion’ , with its fair share of caveats, is an accurate description of the belief system of a large and diverse section of humanity, one that worships reason as a panacea for all moral ills whereas evidence indicates that the reasoning faculty actually evolved to help us win arguments and rationalize our choices in hindsight rather than arriving at some higher objective truth.
bookThe sacred privilege granted to rationality in contemporary society can be traced back to the European scientific revolution, when long held beliefs of an entire civilization were brutally humiliated under the penetrating gaze of reason and science, subsequently liberating the whole populace from the stifling grip of religious superstition and prejudice. Descartes famously proclaimed, “I think, therefore I am” directly undermining the legitimacy of emotional and spiritual states of being.
Ironically, this apparently radical statement was an inadvertent rehash of the ideas of Plato and other Greek philosophers, who made a name out of deifying reason, long before Christianity had come about. In terms of the philosophy of science, the privileging of rationality became the basis for positivism and empiricism, which hold that any knowledge must ultimately derive its authority from reason.
Predictably, the triumph of rationality had a massive political impact culminating in the French revolution, with its celebration of liberty, equality and fraternity. Earlier, the growing trust in rationality had gone hand in hand with the Protestant Reformation and had witnessed a rift between the Church and the state, giving currency to the concept of secularism, the formal separation of religion and state.
By the 20th century, as the authority of Christianity was taking a nosedive in many parts of the west, blind faith in Jesus gave way to an unlikely alternative, blind faith in reason, marked by the rise of ideologies like communism and atheism, which are essentially Godless versions of Christianity in their obsessive urge to reduce all of history to a handful of simplistic ideas and the promise of ‘deliverance’ from aeons of oppression. Another feature that these secular creeds inherit from Christianity is a compulsive need to define an enemy, a secular Satan.
Communists profess hatred for the bourgeois, capitalists abhor communists, atheists blame religion for all evils and so on. In the middle of the same century, India ceased to be a British colony and in the true spirit of a colonized people, the country adopted a secular constitution inspired by the cherished values of the colonizer, which would not necessarily be a bad thing if only enough number of citizens subscribed to those values.
To come to an understanding of the schism between what the Indian constitution upholds and what various sections of the society believe in, let us first take a rudimentary look at the religious demographics in India. Hindus form the majority, Muslims are the largest minority and Christians are a distant third, followed by numerous other groups, some organically connected with Hinduism and others not.
Hindus themselves are an incredibly diverse polylith that allows for decentralization of customs, rites and rituals, often based on local geography and environmental constraints. Regardless of which religion they currently belong to, as a consequence of their Dharmic past, most Indians are deeply religious in temperament and therefore, many laws that are derived from a secular constitution find few instinctively eager takers. This dichotomy, though, is brushed aside by deracinated, elitist intellectuals appealing to the authority of reason, which is deemed sacrosanct.
Nevertheless, in the real world of action, it creates irresolvable conflicts in legislation and law enforcement. Imagine the emotional turmoil faced by a devout Sikh cop being asked to supervise the demolition of a Gurudwara to make space for a flyover. To be fair to the constitution, it is not a static document and has been amended nearly a hundred times since independence already but in an adversarial political environment where an elected government cannot pass regular, non-controversial bills in the parliament, expecting serious constitutional amendments that can have political consequences is asking for the moon. Thus, in practice, Indians are condemned to live with whatever has been thrust upon them by their colonial past.
It could be argued that given the mindboggling plurality of Indian society, to which modern secularism can make no claims of contribution, it would be impossible to work out a common minimum program that functions equally well for all sections and therefore, a code has to be enforced ‘from the outside’ with or without the consent of the masses. In their defence, the secularists declare that in time, such laws would trickle down into the consciousness of people and within a few generations, their primitive religious intuition would be replaced by a humane and rational outlook. This hope, other than being a product of the rationalist delusion mentioned above, also turns out to be a non starter for Indian society, which has a by and large successful history of resisting such attempts of acculturation by the powers that be, the Islamic invader, the colonial empire or the modern state. For the people don’t identify with the events of another time and place (read reformation in Europe), in which their own ancestry had absolutely no role to play.
This resentment is further accentuated by the glaring historical facts that point to a remarkably more harmonious social order in their own civilization. So, a relevant question to ask in this context is, if Hindu society never faced conflicts between the ruling class and the clergy, obviously due to its non-ecclesiastical make up, why should it accept a false consciousness imposed via hazy platitudes of secularist discourse? The most common answer is that Indian society is not entirely Hindu and it has to fulfil the aspirations of the minorities as well and secularism ensures that. Never mind the self referential circularity of secularist logic, let us now examine how secularism indeed provides a breath of fresh air to the minorities by effectively suffocating the majority.
bensonA secular state can choose to interact with religion(s) in the following ways as defined by Iain Benson, a Canadian-British legal philosopher:
  1. Neutral secular: No support to any religion in any way
  2. Positive secular: State creates general conditions favourable to all religions without favouring beliefs of anyone
  3. Negative secular: State not competent in religious matters but does not inhibit religious manifestations
  4. Inclusive secular: State not controlled by a single religion but works in the widest interest of different faith groups including non religious
It would be interesting to find out which of the above is the accepted definition of secularism in India. As the word was added to the preamble hastily at the time of 1975 emergency, it is unlikely that Mrs. Gandhi or her colleagues would’ve had the time to delve into such intricacies. But it is never too late to get to the bottom of a conundrum that is an inexhaustible source of sensationalism for the Indian media. From the above definitions, it is clear that in the Indian experience, putting a finger on one of the four variations turns out to be a near impossibility. It appears that our secularism is a ‘contextual’ secularism that changes its function as per political convenience.
The state turns positive in relation to Hajj subsidies and negative regarding issues such as large scale conversion by Christian missionaries. When it comes to Hindu issues, it becomes a neutral secular state, expressly suppressing facts through proxies and poking its nose into issues it has no business to be worried about. In states like West Bengal, the state adopts another form of secularism, that is, criminal secularism because it refuses to link appalling acts of crime to a ‘particular religion’.
Evidently, secularism in India is a false construct that only applies to the majority religion, whether it is in the form of the government control of temples or an unwarranted interference in educational institutions run by the majority community. This contextual secularism has serious repercussions for the Hindu society as it reopens the wounds that it has endured under a thousand years of largely exploitative rule by outsiders and alienates its various sections into becoming self loathing anglophiles, hardliner reactionaries or indifferent, apolitical and uninformed bystanders.
Hindus, under the influence of the dominant secularist discourse, are fast forgetting the art of speaking of their own Dharma on their own terms and it is getting increasingly common to find well meaning Hindus getting embroiled in inane debates about the ‘right’ to worship according to rules created in 16th century Europe.
Shingnapur, a relatively unknown village of Maharashtra, was dragged into one such duel between reason and ‘superstition’, when a group of self proclaimed feminists declared their intent to offer oil to the murti of Shanidev (Saturn) at the temple, a practice traditionally restricted to only males.Keeping with the arrogant trend of rationalist interventions, it was decreed that the practice was an expression of deep-seated patriarchy prevalent in Hindu society and how such discriminatory practices must end.
As expected, this was followed by a one sided assault on the temple and its unique tradition, with even Sri Sri Ravishankar, a popular Hindu religious leader throwing his weight behind the ‘activists’. No one seemed inclined to remind him that he had no authority over matters related to this temple or any other such temple in India because there is no central body that all Hindu temples align with through which he could have exercised his influence.
The Shani Shingnapur Temple technically belongs to the Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan Trust and more broadly to the residents of this village, whose many generations have adored and worshipped the deity in a particular way. Further, there is no evidence of these unique customs originating from social compulsions or tyranny of any kind. They belong to the realm of the esoteric and must be spared the jibes of secular rationality. Most importantly, the arrangement works for the locals, whose faith in the power of the deity’s presence inspires them to do away with doors for their houses and locks for their valuables, an ideal worth emulating for outsiders.
In Hindu mythology, Saturn is easily the most difficult planet to propitiate. It symbolizes death, disease, poverty and all that we abhor in life. It brings about great hindrance in self-expression and self-manifestation but only through these finite obstacles does it offer a gateway to infinite potential. The state of Hindu society for the last one thousand years also seems to have been strongly afflicted by Saturn, characterized by widespread poverty, subjugation, self-pity and exploitation by external forces beyond its control.
Reasoning (Yukti) has been a phenomenal asset for the Indian civilization, yet it has never been worshipped or put on a holy pedestal. Experience (Anubhava) has always superseded reason as far as its proximity to the truth is concerned. Saturn is the planet that grants us Anubhava. Let us not permit petty political reasons to overrule the spiritual experience of our diverse communities, who’re anyway suffering the tyranny of secularization for no fault of theirs. Let Saturn be our guide to self discovery, in Shingnapur and elsewhere.
Ashish Dhar, a Mechanical Engineer and an entrepreneur, lives in New Delhi. He is co-founder of pragyata.com, an e-learning portal dedicated to Indic knowledge systems.