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Kamlesh Tiwari, Malda, Peaceful Zombies, and Liberals with Sore Throat

Kamlesh Tiwari, Malda, Peaceful Zombies, and Liberals with Sore Throat

Muslim mob
(This post is direct. Those with weak hearts or fondness for political correctness can leave right now. Read Disclaimer.) 
An alleged pervert named Azam Khan who allegedly happens to be a minister in UP government allegedly called Hindu leaders homosexuals. This person has never been in news for a good reason. Earlier he had made headlines when he allegedly called Bharat Mata a “Daayan (witch)” and a rape-victim “publicity-seeker”.
Majority of “followers of religion of peace”, as always, kept silent on insult of Hindu leaders. Many enjoyed it. Many liberals argued what is so offensive about being “homosexual”.The gay right activist in them came in full bloom. Then came Kamlesh Tiwari. He replied to Azam Khan.
Since then, lakhs of terrorists have given death threats to Tiwari. Daily bounties on his head are breaking records of previous day. Slogans and placards like- ‘Gustakh e Rasul ki ek hi saza, Sir tan se juda’ (only punishment for insult of Muhammad is chopped head) can be seen and heard in every rally whose size gets larger day by day. Processions in almost all cities of India are being held. Sight of thousands of skullcaps and bearded men shouting Allahu Akbar and supporting ISIS is scaring kids and women in cities. But who cares? All Jihadis want is to behead Tiwari.
In this situation when crores of zombies are against one man, Agniveer announces full support for Kamlesh Tiwari. Support, not for his statements but, for his right to make those in a free democracy where
  • PK is a super-hit
  • Owaisi openly calls mother of Lord Ram characterless and Hindu gods “manhus” (bad omen)
  • Beef-parties are organized because Hindus consider cow as mother.
First demand their death before dreaming of beheading Tiwari.
Forget beheading. Slightest attempt to harm Tiwari or anyone for mere statements will be repaid in same currency with interest. (Interest is not haram in our faith)
Logic for logic. Sword for knife. Fire for spark. Cannon for bullet. Both eyes for an eyelid, and entire jaw for a tooth.

Silencing the Jihadi Zombie
Jihadi : Behead Tiwari.
Agniveer : This is not 1675 when you zombies beheaded our revered Guru Tegh Bahadur. This is 2015 and we shall not allow our guru’s martyrdom to go in vain.
Jihadi : Its in accordance with our Sharia law.
Agniveer : Keep your Saria Cement law in your sack. India is not Arabian desert. You have problems, go to courts.
Jihadi : But its our Akeeda/tradition to behead someone who insults prophet.
Agniveer : And every Kamlesh Tiwari & Charlie Hebdo is Agniveer’s prophet if Jihadis keep threatening them. Now if you dare touch Kamlesh or say bad about him, we too will be forced to retaliate. It is our Akeeda/ tradition to thrash those who want to behead our prophet.
Jihadi : Show me your book which says Tiwari is your prophet. I can show my book which says Muhammad is our prophet.
Agniveer : This post is the proof. If its not enough, book too is not enough. Show us video recording in which Muhammad said that he is the prophet and you must behead those who insult him.
Jihadi : No, book is the best evidence. Video is blasphemy.
Agniveer : You can’t set the rules of game always, moron. For me, book is blasphemy, only video recording is proof. I can see video of Tiwari but not Muhammad. So Tiwari is true prophet. Don’t touch him.
Jihadi : Azam Khan is one man. If he insulted your religion then Tiwari should have responded to him alone. Why did he insult prophet in open?
Agniveer :
1. Tiwari is one man. If he insulted your prophet then take him to court. Why scaring lakhs of women and kids with your scary faces on streets?
2. Whatever he said, it was in response to Azam Khan as is evident from his letter. Response means- IF you mean this THEN I say this. Or If you call me pig, I will call you swine. Its between those two. Why are you unnecessarily poking your nose?
3. If Azam Khan insulted Hindu leaders and prophet himself insulted the rest, Tiwari can’t be blamed for his words.
Non Violence Agniveer
Jihadi : Our prophet never insulted others’ gods/prophets. Tiwari did it.
Agniveer : I have read all major translations of Quran – in Hindi and English.
I have checked with my friends who have read translations in 30 plus other languages. As per all of these translations, Quran 98/6 calls idolaters/polytheists as ‘worst of creatures’.
I have read views of all known preachers of Quran. They all agree on one point – An idol-worshipper (Hindu) will burn in Hell forever because idol-worship is worst crime. It does not matter what good deeds he has done. It does not even matter if he died saving a Muslim. Unless he quits idol-worship, he is worst of creatures and will burn in hell. Unless he accepts Muhammad as final prophet, he will be dumped in fire of hell.
According to all these preachers and translations of Quran, my mother who is both an idolater and a polytheist is worse than dogs and pigs. All my gods like Ram and Krishna are supposed to be idolaters. All my freedom fighters are kafirs. All my saints are idol-worshippers. They all are ‘worst of creatures’.
I don’t know what is actually written in actual Quran because I have no video recording nor prophet ever explained to me in dreams or reality. But this abusive hatred against idol-worshippers (Hindus) – my father, my mother, my gods – is what all teachers and translations I have come across present as Quran or message of prophet.
If this be the version of Quran that dominates the market for last 1000 years, let me know who one should behe*d- One who sent such a Quran or one who received such a Quran or one who believes in such a Quran or one who preaches such a Quran? Who must be left out?
If your emotions got hurt with this, know that mine got hurt a thousand times more. Because prophet is just a messenger for you. You don’t even know if he actually said that one should hate idol-worshippers (Hindus). But my mother, Ram and Krishna are God for me whom I worship. So don’t you dare touch my new prophet Tiwari.
4. If you indeed want head of Tiwari, first hold rallies to ban all those translations of Quran that abusively hate idol-worshippers (Hindus) and portray prophet as a fanatic. And behead all those preachers who propagate this hatred against idol-worshippers.
Silencing the Fake (feku) Liberal
Liberal : Error 404 not found (liberal maintains safe distance from risky matters, he can only boast on beef, Kiss of love, porn etc)
Oh wait, liberal is here
Liberal : Stop offending Muslims. When you know they are sensitive to Muhammad, why hurt their feelings?
Agniveer :
0. We never offended any religious feeling. What a Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jew, Atheist believes is their personal prerogative and not our concern. But we do get offended when zombies hold rallies of lakhs demanding head of Kamlesh instead of approaching the court. We do get offended when MF Hussain and PK’s ridicule of Hindu gods and godmen is considered freedom of speech, but Kamlesh’s views or Hebdo’s cartoons result in rise of zombies and medical leaves of fake liberals.
1. Offend? Remember when Hindu groups protested against porn? What did you say? You quoted scriptures after scriptures to prove that India was a porn hub of past. You quoted Kamsutra as if it is religious text of Hindus. You never thought of religious feelings then. You kept mocking Hindus calling them Sanskari/Adarsh Baalak. You explained benefits and necessity of porn in a civilized society. Why spare “religion of peace” from necessary benefits of porn? You must be the first ones to provide scriptural evidence of porn dessert from desert. Why differentiate between sentiments of Hindus and Muslims?
2. When Hindu groups protested against revocation of article 377, you showed homosexuality from Vedas and Mahabharat using some weird translations and fantasies. Can’t you similarly find few verses from Quran now to support homosexuality? Why suddenly defense of homosexuality is tearing under scare of zombies? If indeed you consider Quran as a noble text, and homosexuality as a matter of pride, why deny this pride to noble Quran? Why differential treatment for feelings of Hindus and Muslims on a matter where they align?
3. Why don’t you tell Muslims that homosexuality is no sin and being homosexual is just like being left handed? And that it is pure biology (which you keep telling Hindu groups while ridiculing them)? Why must it be offensive to call any prophet as homosexual as per your arguments? And if it is, why were you publishing imbecile research proving Ram, Hanuman and Krishna as homosexuals? Your dual standards are exposed.
4. You roamed from town to town organizing beef-parties despite knowing cow is mother to crores of Hindus. Weren’t you hurting sentiments then?
Liberal : Don’t compare beef issue with prophet. Cow can’t be anyone’s mother but Muhammad is prophet.
Agniveer : Who made you judge? Self proclaimed? Ok, I am also the judge then. I declare you pig. Now buzz off. Shoo.
Liberal : But you can’t blame entire minority community just because of a misguided fringe element.
Agniveer :
1. Who blamed entire community? Where? When you were busy covering funeral procession of Yakub Memon, we were weeping over loss of APJ Abdul Kalam, our hero.
2. Minority? Or pseudo-minorities? Dude, we are in 2015 and not 1947 when Muslims were 7% in fragmented India. The community is now 20% of total population of India, majority (above 50%) in 19 districts, fairly dominant (above 20%) in 86 districts. Have you ever heard a news like this- ‘10 people from minority Hindu/Sikh/Christian/Jew groups raped/killed a man of majority community in Pakistan or Bangladesh or Saudi Arabia’ or any other Islamic country in this world? No. Minority that constitutes majority of criminals in jails is certainly not at all a suppressed minority as foolishly claimed by people like you. It only implies that morons like you are strengthening the criminal and terrorist elements in a dominant community of India. And in process, bringing bad name to the peaceful elements in the community.
3. Now lets analyse this fringe element theory a bit
There was the rally demanding head of Kamlesh Tiwari few days ago in the city of Muzaffarnagar (West UP), Shiv Chowk to be precise. Now consider
– One Lakh people attended the rally.
– Total population of Muzaffarnagar city is 4 Lakh as per 2011 census.
– If 20% people in rally came from outside, 80,000 were from the city.
 – Muslims are minority in India. Muslims are minority in Muzaffarnagar at 40% (still minorities as per fake liberal standards). So there are 1.6 Lakh Muslims in Muzaffarnagar city.
– Women do not attend Muslim rallies for some gender-equality reason. So all were males in Shiv Chowk that day.
– No of Muslims from Muzaffarnagar city gathered in rally = 80,000
– No of Muslim males in Muzaffarnagar city (assuming males = females) = 80,000
Percentage of eligible Muslims attending the rally = 80,000/80,000 = 100%
Is that what you call fringe? 
Almost all Muslim men in city were present in the rally that day! Now the only way you can prove this calculation wrong is by claiming Muzaffarnagar a Muslim majority city where Muslims are 60%. But in that case they are no longer minority. That means Indians are being kept in dark about census and Muslims are in majority at many places. Whichever case is true, its a slap in your face.
In Malda’s Kaliachak figures are even more interesting. 1.5 Lakh to 2.5 Lakh Muslims gathered to run riots against the minority Hindu community, the numbers are interesting
Population of Kaliachak Community Development Block 1 = 392,517
Population of Kaliachak Community Development Block 2 = 210,105
Population of Kaliachak Community Development Block 3 = 359,071
Total population of Kaliachak ~ 10 Lakh
Muslim population ~ 5 Lakh (50% of total population)
Male population ~ 2.5 Lakh
Male population (above 15 and below 60) ~ 1.5 Lakh to 2 Lakh
Percentage of eligible Muslims who attended as rioters in rally ~ 2.5 lakh /2 lakh > 100%
Riots happened in Kaliachak 1. But if it assumed that rioters gathered from nearby places, it is evident that almost whole male Muslim population (between 15-60 years) of Kaliachak and nearby places was actually rioting that day. And this also proves that census is under-reporting their actual population.
If more than 100% of official population is fringe, then what makes an isolated event in Dadri a mainstream example of intolerance?
Still not feeling shame, you moron?
Liberal: OK, I shouted so much against Hindu intolerance that I have a sore throat now. I have lost my voice.
Reality is that bashing Hindus is a harmless hobby. As exciting and daring as first-person shooting on Playstation. There will be good sound-effects, 3D visualizations but no one will jump out of screen like ‘The Ring’ movie to kill you. Announcing love of “religion of peace” after every terror attack makes you hero in your playstation gang of GI Joes. And since it now happens every other day, your brains are hard-wired to this heroism.
But you are not a fool to offend “peace-lovers” and risk real death. It takes real guts and true bladder control to stand for truth in real life without getting wet. You are comfortably numb being a Toy Story.
Your voice is loud only when playing video games.
You would be gay-rights activists if a Hindu group opposes Article 377. But would consider homosexuality an abuse if someone links it with “religion of peace”
– You would conduct beef-parties even if it offends Hindus to kill their mother cow. But would desist from prophet-cartoon exhibitions because you fear being put in peace forever.
– You would claim Karwa Chauth to be anti-woman but triple-talaq and polygamy as religious sentiments of peaceful.
– You would sing glories of nudity and condemn Hindus for subjugating women through dress code. But burqas that are medically proven to be greatest cause of Vitamin D related diseases among women across globe is fine by you. You will even conduct burqa marches to endorse them.
– When an Akhlaq is murdered for unclear reasons, you consider it Hindu intolerance and shout on top of your voice. But murder of Poojary by those who openly declared it as act of religious revenge makes your throat go bad.
When a nun is raped in West Bengal, your voice is at peak because it is sign of Hindu intolerance. But when the culprits are found to be Bangladeshis from “religion of peace”, you catch a cold.
– When churches are stoned in Delhi, your throat becomes Bose Surround Sound speakers. When the culprits are found to be petty hooligans from Jamia, you get swine flu and are prohibited from using your voice box.
– You start #proudtobleed and “expose” Hindu intolerance against women. But your throat starts bleeding when you discover that in “religion of peace”, menstruating women are prohibited from prayers, reading Holy Book, visiting mosques, circling the Kaba. You fight for rights of menstruating women in temples but not in mosques. There is prohibition on even entry of women in mosques without a close relative.
On every count where liberals bashed “Hindu intolerance”, peace-lovers are much graver offenders. But your bladder-controlled voice box goes out of service when you must deal with zombies. Fear is the key.
Message to those who support zombies 
Muslim like APJ Abdul Kalam, Abdul Hamid, or Ashfaq Ullah Khan are our heroes. If you are inspired by them, Agniveer salutes you. If you are not then this is for you. If you did not weep when APJ died, but were in the funeral procession of rascal Yakub Memon, then this is for you.
Dear Brothers. Time is tough. You have been brainwashed by Moulvis, hate literature and translations. Look around. Every community is prospering except yours. Look at top scientists, engineers, industrialists, economists and professionals. How many Muslims do you see? Now look at last 1000 bomb blasts in the world. How many Muslims do you see? That speaks all. You pray hell for Kafirs. Kafirs are ruling the world. Can’t you see the contradiction? Only thing you use to console yourself is that afterlife belongs to you. But don’t you think someone who couldn’t compete in normal world, how would he be eligible hereafter? Your heaven will be full of jaahil zombies and hell will have all top-brains – Newton, Einstein, Ramanujan, CV Raman, APJ Abdul Kalam, Abdus Salam.
You are taught to hate Hindus, India, Indian heroes, Indian culture, temples, idols and everything through your books and sermons. If invaders are your heroes, how can others love you? You are not sons of Babur or Ghori. You have Indian ancestry. You are blood of Sher Maharana Pratap and not of that coward womanizer drug-addict Akbar. Religion is important but if you agreed to live in a secular state, know that nation is above religion. You keep nation at top, nation keeps you at top. You keep nation second, nation treats you as second class citizen. Its pure logic, no rocket science. APJ not Aurangzeb should be your idol. Be APJ, Indians worships you.
Lastly, if you are offended by someone’e remarks, courts are open. Go to courts and get the culprit punished. Bullying is not going to work. That only explains why all terrorists claim to be carrying flag of “religion of peace”.
Trash all translations of Quran that call idol-worshippers (Hindus) as worst of creatures. Thrash all preachers who claim that non-Muslims will go to Hell. Keep religion your personal pursuit. Follow the Quran that opens gates of heaven to idol-worshippers, atheists, Christians, and Jews. Gates of happiness and success will open for you.
Message to admirers of APJ
You must learn to defend yourself. No law in the world stops you from self-defense. Pledge that you will never touch someone innocent in action but will never get killed/defeated if others attack. If someone is there to kill you at your doorstep or is holding gun on your head, waiting for police or army is foolish. Learn to fight back. The rallies of lakhs threatening one of you in your country is an insult to your existence. You have been tolerating terrorism for last 1400 years. Say no more to it. Be strong and victorious. Save India, save humanity. Never kill but never get killed either. Strength/unity is the key.
And remember, unless you unite to defend every patriot, you will continue to create Pakistans, Bangladeshes, Kashmirs that break away Bharat. Show no mercy on a Ghori like Prithviraj Chauhan. Strengthen hands of APJ Abdul Kalam to bomb away the terror mindset. We are fighting a serious war against terror for 1300 years and it has become really serious in last few years. Your passiveness will burn your home also along with rest of the world. Show no soft corner for zombies. It only weakens the APJ and nourishes Baghdadis of ISIS.
Ignore the bellows of fake-liberals. They are coward rats who will get a sore throat and apply for medical leave at slightest risk. They appease the zombies because they are scared of them. They will start appeasing you when they start getting scared of you.
The time for political correctness is over. Time for being APJ has long started.
– Vashi and Sanjeev
Disclaimer: This is a creative fiction as per Disclaimer. Please agree to the Disclaimer before you read this article. If you read Disclaimer after reading the article, and do not agree to Disclaimer, forget whatever you read. If you cannot forget, go to a psychiatrist. But do not consider the comment section as a toilet.
Vashi Sharma is a respected energy scientist with numerous international level publications. He is a doctorate from IIT Bombay and a scientist with Ministry of New & Renewable Energy. He teaches at NIT Jaipur. He is an expert in concentrator optics and works in domain of optimal utilization of solar energy.
Sanjeev Newar is a data scientist by profession. His risk management products have been named in top 20 of world for 2014 and 2015. He is the only Indian (and Asian) to have ever made to this list. He has been behind several inclusive and encompassing innovations. He is a mentor to several eminent young scientists of country. Sanjeev is an alumnus of IIT Guwahati and IIM Calcutta

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