Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Need to invest in R&D - Innovations

Need to invest in R&D -  Innovations

Today world is appreciating India’s spectacular growth in Space, Nuclear and Missile Technologies ,agriculture ,Human capital and many more fields. On other side, India slipped 10 ranks (76th position) in Global Innovation Index 2014. The Innovation is the Growth Engine for the Nation.

The rate of R&D -  Innovation depends upon existence of the National Innovation Ecosystem. This  Innovation Ecosystem decides the rate of growth of economy of the nation. It is one of the proven methods  to become developed country. We are not in position to neglect this very area of larger interest for long time. We need to analyse the system, The reality, The problem and solution to this strategic key process area of growth and development.

Innovation happens mostly in Industry. The National R&D units and Universities should play a supportive role to this process. The manpower comes from Universities as well as from  Industries.

How to improve this situation? How to introduce the culture of Innovation in India? What are the root causes of poor Innovation Ecosystem in India? What is the importance of Innovation Clusters? What are the best practices all over the world? How to introduce innovation in industry and R&D labs? How to introduce innovation in Academia? How to enhance employability through Innovation Competencies?
Organized Innovation Ecosystem. The Innovation Ecosystem is a complex phenomenon and
contains dozens of players like Universities, Higher Education Institutes, National R&D Labs,
Industrial R&D Labs, Multi National company’s R&D Labs, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
Culture, Venture Capital Funding Organizations, and many more. To nurture the Innovation
requires Innovation Ecosystem, Innovation Clusters, Innovation Culture and Government Policies.

The Government policies include IPR, S&T policies, Industrial Policies, Taxation policies, Laws
etc. The development of the Innovation Culture is a specialized job and depends upon more than
80 parameters. In addition to this, Hundreds of factors drive innovation. When the Innovation
Ecosystem concentrates in one region then it becomes Innovation Cluster and becomes major
source of innovation. The innovation clusters generally grows around renowned Universities. In
this context, the role of the university should be towards the development of innovative employable

workforce for the industry, a knowledge hub which provides international talent, center for
technology transfer, platform for international collaborations with academia, industry, research
labs, government agencies etc. All these factors are important Drivers for Innovation.

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