Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Innovative ways to ensure success for competitor

When I was reading books related to marketing Management I was told following innovative ways to loose the customers:-

  • Do not complete the job,Services at agreed time line.
Suppose this do not work to your satisfaction then add one more process to your style of functioning:-

  • Never inform your customer that their job/service  is still pending.
These theories are well documented and debated by the intellectuals and marketing gurus including service and brand management Icons in their day today interactions,  again and again you will come across such organisation and entities who follow knowingly or knowingly the above rules to ruin their business.

There  are some  additional techniques  to add Salt and spices to this innovative process which is detailed below  as per my own experience & exposure:-

  • Assign  responsibilities among none  domain experts.
  • Never check and upgrade their skills..
  • Nicely admire them whenever get opportunity.
  • Always keep your mouth shut to good values and ethics.
  • Project a small problem/hindrance to be biggest one.
  • Do not initiate any action till time line exhausted.
  • After panic , prepare for fire fighting exercise.
  • Completed , have full credit for the Show.
As per my experience that day is not far when you will see yourself as MD/Head of this innovative type of  Enterprise  without any remarkable achievements of your own as well as of organization in future.

God bless to you, to me and to all of us - Jai hind ! Jai Bharat!

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