Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Rise and Fall of an Entreprise Part-01

joined first job in a company after completion of my Engg. degree and one year on job training in Aug. 1989 at Mumbai. Presently completed 26 years of Service at this organization and received 04 promotions . The salary jumped from mere Rs. 2000/- stipend to Rs. two lakhs monthly and so the expenses living standards and expectations.

During my service of all these years I have come across numerous bosses ( direct reporting) and colleagues who have really contributed to the company and became  legend for the new generation, at the same time a few officers  put  their stamp in such a  way which is not fading even after their retirement from the active service with of course 02 to 04 yrs extensions.

The mind set of the management is remoulded in negatives in such a way by these earlier corporate leaders that even simple decision making has gone for a toss. For example three states have seen  natural calamities since last three months , the devastating floods at J& K and the Orissa , Andhra Chakravat issue.

yesterday only our top management issued a request to employees to contribute to PM relief fund for the J&K victims. So many examples are there for the lax and casual attitudes of the leaders in channel on officials fronts as well as on Engg. matters.

The extension in service after superannuation has cropped up in our company like anything, every retiree want  two to four yr extension in his service for  his outstanding contributions in past as if all those years they were doing charity to Bharat Mata without adequate salary and perks. The old souls are often seen roaming around in the premises  on some pretext or other.

The posting to foreign institutions  is another lucrative post retirement jobs for the Chamcha's of this great Company who are putting all efforts to block the progress of the growing generation within ambit of the law. Be the matching cast,college,regions come whatever way ,   all are welcome to this fraternity. Many of my colleagues and friends are seriously thinking to   change their credentials   in order to salute very wisdom of these  retired junkies!

When we joined this Org as an Engr trainee  each and every official will be at least above 70% of marks in his all  exams till degree, now the things has gone otherwise so the quality of the manpower also. Essential Services are on life support system. The domain experts are being kept deliberately away from their area of interest and selectively crooks are being promoted and given responsibility to further malign the org which is multiplying to such an extent that there is no coming back now. Enough manpower is available without job and leaders always cry foul saying there is none.

At each level moral of the manpower is very low and we have doubt if this great company will be able to survive in this era of the Max o/p and min. i/p. God bless to you , to me and to all those who have really contributed positively to national cause.   Jai Hind - Jai Bharat.

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