Thursday, November 27, 2014

THIS IS NOT IT! KEM Magazine post by my Daughter


Whatever we are today is a result of the decisions that we all took at the crossroads of our lives. The one hundred and eighty of us took a decision - to be a doctor and here we are. It gives me nothing but great pleasure to be a part of this esteemed and glorified institution and to be a part of that small fraction of the world which endeavors to make lives of the people around them devoid of their “dis-ease”.

But as a member of this great institute, what I rejoice the most is being a part of the initiative by a group of people who stood up for their rights to practice medicine in their own country. Every time I enter the college I look up, only to see the name of Late Seth Gordhandas Sunderdas who made it possible for me and many others to realize my dreams.

Days in college are way too hectic sometimes, especially the anatomy ones, but each one of us has come to terms with the fact that this is the life that we signed up for. Each day we survive the knowledge explosion and the guilt of not knowing all that we should. When my non-medico friends say “You don’t have a life” I don’t know how to retaliate because I can never make them understand the feelings of an aspiring doctor. The anticipation of seeing life come back to the momentarily dead and to be a part of miracles is all that we have as a solace to these harsh comments by our friends.
The teachers of all the departments have always tried to make the subjects easier for us. The Foundation Courses, Guest Lectures, Oration, Integrated Lectures, Seminars and Quizzes give us a break from the monotonous schedule of college.

Coming to our Seniors, they have been real fun people and a lot of help. Starting with our warm welcome at the Socials (which got ruined by certain “party poopers”) and the competitions exclusively meant for us to the “Fresher’s Hike”. Everything they did was to make sure that we felt at home at this college. They always helped us out and cleared our doubts no matter at what time we disturbed them at.

Around this time of the year, there’s so much to do from participating in various colleges’ fest to preparing for our own Aavishkar. Not to forget the incredulous task of making the Anatomy Seminars not sleep inducing. At the same time, post the first terminal examination, our little world of perfection (a habit since the school days) has crumbled and the harsh realities of a professional course are forcing us to be a little more serious about the studies. So much to do in this little time!

I would be lying if I say I’m not intimidated by the future but the 'happyness' of today, of being a fresher, overrides all the other feelings. As we look forward to the next few decades of our lives as doctors, if not knowledge then there’s one lesson that we’ve learnt from GSMC – Non Sebi Sed Omnibus, the rest we’ll learn soon enough because this chapter is not over yet!

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